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HolzStepke - stepping up the charm

One, two, up! A folding step soon makes itself indispensable in the home, particularly when it provides the elegant and home aesthetic of the new HolzStepke from Hailo.

A slice of Lemon Green with your Hailo - waste bins in tangy colours

Lemon green is the colour that represents the modern lifestyle and is totally on trend. No wonder then that the world of interior design is currently fizzing with lemon green features, spreading a joyous charm in kitchens and living space with their fresh colour.

Hailo EasyClix Replaceable Foot Sets for Living & Garden use

The traditional brand with the red dot is once again setting standards in the industry with trailblazing accessories. The inventor of the first aluminium household ladder has developed a clever Replaceable Foot System that opens up new dimensions in versatility.

Waste bins that want to be noticed: New trend colours by Hailo

Modern lifestyle is what it’s all about in the latest colours selected by Hailo this year for its extensive waste bin portfolio: they’re fashionable across the whole range and have just what it takes to fill an exciting and active role in staging a personalised lifestyle.

PaperBag BBQ by Hailo

Blue sky and superb weather - a great opportunity to celebrate! Now is the best time to invite a few friends over for a barbecue and to chill out for the evening.

CopperBag by Hailo

Since last year, we have been tracking a truly remarkable trajectory: copper - normally found in technical applications - has taken home interiors by storm.

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