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  • A slice of Lemon Green with your Hailo - waste bins in tangy colours

A slice of Lemon Green with your Hailo - waste bins in tangy colours

Lemon green is the colour that represents the modern lifestyle and is totally on trend. No wonder then that the world of interior design is currently fizzing with lemon green features, spreading a joyous charm in kitchens and living space with their fresh colour.

Hailo offers a comprehensive repertoire of waste bins in stylish Lemon Green as its line of everyday household items dons the trendsetting outfit of the season.

Energy-charged lemon green has become an established colour, particularly in kitchens with unit fronts designed in plain white, beige and cream tones for a contemporary vibe. Contrasting colours provide an emphasis and are echoed in chairs, tableware and decorative fabrics. A matching waste bin is exactly the right choice to bring a dash of limelight to a room and a personalised look to the kitchen decor.

Lemon green all round! Supplied in two sizes, the TOPdesign is one of the classics of the Hailo range and works a brilliant look in this fruity colour. Öko duo and Öko trio, models that offer systematic and easy waste separation, are real head-turners dressed up in the bright green colour. BigBin Touch and Swing and the miniature bins, design 4 and Sienna swing, complete the attractive and stylish choice available in the latest colour shade. Whether destined for the bathroom and cosmetic use or - with a larger capacity - for the kitchen and household use and fitted with either a swing lid or pedal mechanism, this selection is bound to include the right model for any interior.

As a constant presence in everyday life, a waste bin is too much of a feature to overlook the potential of its external appearance. Hailo has freed the bin from its former shadowy existence and created a look that’s as fresh as the morning dew to bring the waste bin centre stage in shaping the character of home interiors.

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