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For our retail partners

Our Brand of the Century holds huge potential for us in persuading the clientele we share that they have bought only the best.

But the product is not crucial to the purchase decision on its own: presentation at PoS also needs to be optimised so that its added value is made clear to the end user. Here as well Hailo is taking new and innovative directions, as we need to provide the relevant information in a way that is interesting and easy to grasp by perfecting our message on the information platforms used by our customers. Then we will succeed - together with you as our retail partner - in keeping the customer’s awareness alive of having been impressed by a particular Hailo product and of their enjoyment of the shopping experience.

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DIY stores

Exploit our wide range of POS opportunities.

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Specialised trade

Attention-grabbing display systems for ladders and waste bins.

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Hailo-Service Portal

Additional services to make your work easier.