Let’s beat the virus together! We have introduced extensive measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees, business partners and customers. We will continue to be able to deliver and remain available to you. Stay safe everyone!

Diversity demands advice

Only when the wealth of advice a customer can draw on from a retailer is visible and accessible will they be prepared to reward it. Trust plays just as big a role here as the various ways of stocking and displaying a huge range of products. High brand recognition, the image of the Hailo brand and the attention-grabbing display systems for ladders and waste bins underpin this basis of trust.

Shop System

Tailor-made - to turn every sales floor into a shopping experience and make sure that you can meet all your customers’ requirements. So to your marks, get set ... for sales! To find out about our customised options for implementing your Shop System, please speak to your Hailo contact.

hailo shop-system

Turn your target groups into customers

  • Hailo sales accumulators "target" the huge and varied potential of your target groups.
  • The Hailo range is tuned to the needs of the retail trade and households based on rational and emotional criteria.
  • Take a look at the diversity on offer from Hailo and be amazed - after all, good vibes at POS are positively infectious!