Branch out safely!

Attention, all amateur gardeners!

To stay in shape and produce good harvests, trees and fruit trees regularly need a trim. Professional tree care needs is mostly all about having the right tools. But safety is a central issue - particularly when you’re up a ladder and reaching for the higher branches.

astschnitt profilot

Our three-section S100 ProfiLOT aluminium combination ladder is more versatile and purpose-built than any other ladder for use on ground covered in undergrowth. Whether you're pruning your fruit trees or harvesting your crop, this extendable rung ladder is superb for all uses and has a load capacity of 150 kg. The LOT system compensates for uneven ground by up to 15 cm, and a foot pedal easily allows the ladder to be infinitely adjusted and locked into position. Large specially designed feet provide maximum stability, prevent the ladder from accidentally sliding apart or tipping over to the side and thus reduce the risk of accidents.

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