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Food must be correctly stored in the kitchen. It’s obvious that vegetables, eggs, dairy products, cheese and cooked meats belong in the fridge - but what about crispy fresh bread? It soon loses its freshness in the paper bags used by bakeries and goes rock-hard in no time at all. Bread bins are a neat solution to stop it from drying out and going mouldy.

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They are perfect for keeping unwrapped bread soft and succulent, down to the last slice. Dry goods such as sugar, tea and coffee should also be properly stored. Packets cannot be completely resealed once they have been opened, so they are easy pickings for pantry pests. Cereals such as muesli, oats and flour are at risk, along with tea, pulses and pasta. It is advisable to decant provisions such as these directly into suitable containers immediately after purchasing them.

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You can play it safe by using the bread bins, storage containers and kitchen roll holders in our KitchenLine series - and keep the kitchen nice and tidy at the same time. The attractively designed bread bins and storage containers with airtight lids are also optionally available with a see-through panel in the lid, so you can check your supplies at any time.

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