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Become an expert in waste separation!

Protecting the environment begins at home

For most people, it’s long been a fact of life that waste has to be stored separately and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Many materials can be recycled and re-used to manufacture new products, which in turn conserves natural resources. Our waste separators ensure that all the sorting-out of paper, glass, packaging, biowaste and household refuse soon becomes part of the routine.

The quantities of waste you generate for intermediate storage depend on the size of your household and your personal lifestyle and eating habits. But you’re bound to find the right one for your needs among our extensive range, as our Öko series pedal waste separators have plastic inner bins that can be removed separately and come in different sizes, quantities and colours.

While our Öko duo system specialises in separating the waste into two, the Öko trio has three compartments to help with the sorting. And if you sometimes struggle to open the bin with no hands free, then it’s not a problem with all the models in the Öko range - with just a slight touch of the sturdy plastic pedal, the lid lifts up immediately. The rectangular housing is made from stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel, and if you like your colour vibrant, you’ll love the fashionable trendy colours included this chic range!

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Modernising your fitted kitchen?

Then have a look at the benefits of our Multi-Box duo L built-in waste separation system. Fitted discreetly in a low-level unit, it’s always ready to glide into action and will take whatever you’ve got. Waste separation just couldn’t be easier!

muelltrennen multibox

Further information can be found in the product area