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Fit for spring!

After winter, the first rays of the sun that glimmer through the dull window panes herald an annual ritual that soon becomes the order of the day: spring-cleaning! As well as washing the curtains, one of the main tasks is to give the doors, windows and frames a thorough cleaning.

fruehjahrsputzCleaning windows can take up a great deal of time, particularly in modern apartments and houses where open plan spaces and generously sized windows let in lots of light. And you often have climb up high to reach. But never resort to holding onto the nearest chair or improvising in some other way! A sturdy top quality household ladder reduces your risk of having an accident.

Positively preordained for all-round use is our L80 ComfortLine. This aluminium ladder has a load capacity of 150 kg and is fitted with non-slip plastic feet for reliable stability. Extra-wide steps with non-slip ribbing make the ups and downs easy and let you stand and work in comfort.

And it has a really useful multi-purpose tray with built-in bucket hook for your cleaners, sponges and cloths, so you’ll always have everything you need to hand!

All you need to do now is put on your favourite CD and get to work - but remember to treat yourself to a break every now and again, as concentration starts to flag at lofty heights. Before you know it, the cleaning action will be over and done with, and spring can gladly come!

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