Ding Dong Merrily On High

A festively adorned fir tree is the highlight of Christmas that everyone looks forward to. Everybody enjoys helping to decorate it with lights, tinsel, baubles and so on, although it’s usually the women who end up doing this! It often involves reaching up high, especially when it’s time to place the final ornament on top of the Christmas tree. Do you need help to climb up? A chair, stool or table is not the best way to do this, so it’s not a good idea to use one.

You can stay on the safe side with our ComfortLine XXR aluminium household ladder. This lightweight product can be effortlessly set up, carried and placed back into storage. Whether you are going up and down the ladder or simply standing on it, the extra-wide steps with non-slip ribbing are designed with comfort in mind. And when working on the top step, an extendable rail provides a firm foothold. But where do all the decorations go? Into the multi-purpose tray, of course, so you have everything to hand.

weihnachten xxr

Needless to say, the ladder will be back on duty straight after Christmas - spring-cleaning time will soon be here! And all the Christmas decorations have to be taken down again!

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