It’s Party-Time!

Whether you’re organising a barbecue, children’s birthday party, picnic in the countryside or a street party with the neighbours, one question soon intrudes on the planning: what do we do with the rubbish? We all know the problem with leftover food, plastic beakers, paper plates, drinking straws, serviettes and all sorts of waste that will need to be disposed of tidily. And wouldn’t it be really nice not to have to bring out the black bin bags again? In that case, you’ll love our new style PartyBags. This handy disposable waste bin is made of reinforced paper and is the stylish solution for your barbecue party!

grillparty paperbag bbq

Do you like to keep your parties eco-friendly? Of course you do! Our ready-to-use waste bins are 100 per cent recyclable, and with an 80-litre capacity they’re generously equipped to cope with even large barbecue events. Both sides are printed with vintage-style barbecue scenes, making the PartyBag a real eye-catcher for any setting. They’ll up the fun levels at your party in an instant!

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Tasty food, decorations to lighten the mood and lots of lovely guests - the perfect mix for a successful party. When the weather is nice, young and old alike love to party outside. But if you want to create a great mood indoors or outdoors, it’s important to add some original trimmings, such as fairy lights, garlands, balloons and streamers. Outside in the garden, why not hang brightly coloured Chinese lanterns in the trees or on the washing line to add a romantic feel to the lighting?

grillparty xxr

To make sure you’re safe while you hang up your decorations, we have the perfect solution! Don’t even think of pulling up a table or a chair - that’s far too risky. With our aluminium household ladders, you won’t risk a fall, and their extra-wide steps with non-slip ribbing don’t just make it easy to climb up and down but also allow you to stand comfortably on the ladder. Your decorations can be placed in the multi-purpose tray with everything you need to put them up. Now bring on the party!

Further information can be found in the product area
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