No more hunting for umbrellas!

It’s that time of year again! As the colourful leaves fall to the ground and the last rays of autumn sunshine fade away to be replaced by storms, rain and snow, there is no doubt about it: bad weather is on the way.

The coldest season of the year ushers in wet, windy and frosty weather, when no one leaves the house without an umbrella. How nice it would be to have this useful item quickly on hand. Our umbrella stands are happy to oblige! Placed in the entrance hall, an umbrella is readily to hand and easily opened as soon as you step outside the front door.

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Is space a bit tight in the hall? No problem. Our slimline umbrella stands fit into the smallest of recesses, where dripping umbrellas can be set aside on your return home. With a choice of three attractive models, there is sure to be one that matches your home environment.

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Hailo TP1

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Hailo EasyClix

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Hailo Pure

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