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Christmas, birthday, new home: are you looking for a really special gift for a really special person? Unconventional and unique? Then take your inspiration from our innovative AluBag.

schenken alubag

It has the appearance of a stylish paper bag and is an eye-catcher in its own right. Classy and gleaming with a creased look, this is a stunning designer product. Whether it’s used as a waste paper bin, newspaper rack or decorative piece, the malleable structure will take on virtually any role. Every AluBag is a carefully manufactured one-off design. It’s nigh-on impossible for a present to get more individual than this!

Unboxing experience

The Hailo AluBag is supplied in stylish gift packaging for an added unboxing experience.

auspackerlebnis alubag

Further information can be found in the product area

Another head-turner is the Hailo U - the stool with a hidden talent. At first sight, this versatile all-rounder for the modern lifestyle looks like a classic stool that can be used as a tray on the sofa or as a bedside table.

schenken u

But there’s far more to it than this: a second step that tilts through 180 degrees is concealed inside. In a trice, the stool becomes a safe and convenient step for climbing. Two functions in one, stylish and creative - this product will delight lovers of upwardly mobile design.

drehfunktion hailo u

Further information can be found in the product area
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