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TP1 stairs platform

Up the stairs we go

Painting walls, hanging decorations, changing light bulbs, checking smoke alarms - normally you’ll only need a household ladder to do all these jobs around the home. But it’s a different story when it comes to hallways.

Apart from the heights involved, tight layouts and space-saving stair designs with narrow landings can make many jobs more difficult. How about setting up a ladder? Don't even start. We’ve now come up with a safe and clever solution to the problem: the innovative TP1 stairs platform, which has been designed to cater for the needs of DIY enthusiasts.

TP1 can be used as a working platform or as a base for all Hailo folding steps and stepladders with up to four steps A non-slip working surface integrated into a sturdy aluminium frame system offers a firm footing. This versatile product comes pre-assembled for immediate use, both inside and outside the home.

tp1 detail 1

Flexible adjustment

Quick-lock, telescopic rails and feet allow for flexible adjustment in length and height depending on the step height and depth.

tp1 detail 2

All straightened out

The built-in spirit level allows the platform to be erected in a precise horizontal position.

tp1 detail 3

Stable footing

Four feet with Soft Grip soles guarantee optimum safety with non-slip stability on different floor coverings.

tp1 detail 4

Easy to move

Once the job is done, the stairs platform can be easily removed and stowed away using the handy carry handle. Ultra-slim - just six centimetres in all - it fits into any nook or cranny.

Technical data

tp1 technische daten

Suitable for a variety of staircase designs

TP1 is suitable for an impressively wide range of applications, from straight staircases right through to a variety of winder layouts. TP1 can be used on the following staircases:


1) Straight staircases 2) Quarter-turn staircases 3) Quarter landing staircases 4) Two quarter-turn staircases 5) Half-turn staircases

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